Space Junk Kingdom (A.K.A. techno-dump kingdom) apperes to have a blackish-bluish sky (space) with robotic-like stars, and with peices of futuristic technolygy that has a left out, or abandoned. It also has a himongus rocket ship that in form of a castle-like building.


Space Junk Kingdom once used to be a peacfull kingdom full of green corncats, but soon one day, a huge war came, and used their own space as as a dumping ground, the cats were obviously very unhappy about the war and their state of the kingdom. Many became very sick-- and soon came.... extinction. The technolygy that was used in the war obiously still has power because they were very high-tech. So some mannage to survive because of that, so know the are in search fo a new king and queen to lead them.


Rainicorns, corncats, starstust spiders, Javan (formely prince), Silvia (formely princess).