Javan the pheonix, apperes to be wearing a black FBi suit, and wearing a black ear peice on his right ear, he also apperes to be wearing shades like the ones in the Matrix movie.


Javan the pheonix: Is a magical talking amphomortic pheonix that was born from the egg, project EGG (his mother is the cosmic owl as comfirmed in the episode: Jade the pheonix). When Javan was still in the egg, all he could see was his mother: the cosmic owl, after a billion years, a meteorite struck Earth. The cosmic Owl new that was going to happen. So when the meotorite finnaly came, the cosmic owl carried away her egg for protection, and entered the regular show universe and dropped him there, not noticing the FBI, they took the egg, the cosmic owl didn't come back beacause she didn't want to blind the FBI to death. (She is also aware of Javan being around with Silvia).

Episodes: Javan the pheonix

Silvia the cat 


the doubles couple

dream machine


Silvia: Silvia is Javan's viance, and being so, she is very loving and caring.

History and relationship with Silvia:

Javan and Silvia appear to have quite a few things in common. They are both power ring fans and together, they even make them in their spare time, and in the future, they decided they willl open a power ring company if everything worksout.


  • Unlike most birds, Javan came before the egg.
  • Javan was not intentionally born in the regular show universe.
  • Javan's viance is Silvia the cat, even though cats like to eat birds.
  • Javan's mother is "The Cosmic Owl" as comfirmed in the episode: "Javan the pheonix"
  • Javan's vehical, is a mini, black farari.
  • Javan is in the FBI, as a caddet. Even though he is 12 years old
  • Javan and his viance, are the same age, but Silvia is younger.
  • The name: 0014, is a referance from: the "007" series, as the creators are fans.
  • Javans dream weapon is simillar to the Golden Gun in the James Bond series.
  • Javan and Sivlia is a Gumball referance to gumball and dawrin