Season 1:

The creators of Dreamland, says that people can enter in there fan charecters for the entry contest (such as Me-Meow), by E-mail, or contact, and will be put in the show if they like it. They said the entry contest ends until season 2.


Regular Work: Mordacai and Rigby enter Area 51, with a mysterious invatation.

KILLER: The new Dreamland team, have to protect the preseident, from the new incarnated, season.

Fallback2: Everything goes entiarly wrong, unleashing killer zombies, once more.

Adventure Show: The team meets Finn and Jake properly, and become part of the Dreamland team

Flame Of Love: Ignoring Princess Bubblegum, and Richard's warnings, Finn goes of the find Flame princess, once again.

Blazing Inferno: Teir 2 was one thing, Finn has gone, too far.

Sweet Thampson: Agent Thampson, has a crush on Princess Bubblegum, which caused him to have the snail (Lich) stalk him, in his nightmares.

Mind of Ice: Richard uses a new fiction machine on the ice kings fan fiction and the team are transported to a very weird paralel universe.

White as snow: The team have to get out of the ice kings fan fiction (which is reaveld later in the episode that it is a parralell universe).

Agent affairs: TBA

Season 2:

Javan the pheonix: The episode tells the story about Javan's past.Javan

Silvia the cat: The episode tells the story about Silvia's past.

SilXVan: The episode tells how Silvia and Javan met.

The doubles couple: Javan and Silvia go on a double date with Finn and Flame Princess.

Dream-Machine: Javan and Silvia have to escape a futuristic ruined tokyo, before the hole ship explodes.

PWV2: Javan and Silvia play the ultimate prank on Mucle Man.

Not ready: Silvia wants to know how it feels like to be a parent, so she takes care of one of Jakes and LR's children to babysit for a week.

King and queen of space junk: Javan and Silvia are suddently chosen to be king and queen of the Space Junk kingdom

The fixated wars: While Javan and Silvia are entering the "Card Wars" world tournement, the rest of the team are setted up on a mission to patrol and protect the area from any possible interference or threat to the world tournument. 

Season 3: