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Welcome to the Adventure Time-Regular Show dreamland crossover Wikia. C redit to thoughs who submited their charecters.




  • Finn the human
  • Jake the dog
  • Mordacai the blue jay
  • Rigby the racoon
  • Javan the pheonix (a.k.a Agent:Pheonix, Agent:Kid. Pronounced: Jaah-Van)
  • Silvia the cat (pronuced: Sil-VEE-Ah)
  • Comander Richard
  • Agent Sampson
  • All the other charecters from Land of Ooo, and Regular show universe

VIC charecters:

The Lich

Cosmic Owl


Javan the pheonix

Silvia the cat

Dancing bug

the five rainbowpupsters


snail as the lich

dancing bug as the lich


Enchiridion (human form)

Commander Richard

Agent Thampson

Charecter info

  • Javan the pheonix: Is a magical talking amphomortic pheonix that was born from the egg, project EGG (his mother is the cosmic owl as comfirmed in the episode: Jade the pheonix). When Javan was still in the egg, all he could see was his mother: the cosmic owl, after a billion years, a meteorite struck Earth. The cosmic Owl new that was going to happen. So when the meotorite finnaly came, the cosmic owl carried away her egg for protection, and entered the regular show universe and dropped him there, not noticing the FBI, they took the egg, the cosmic owl didn't come back beacause she didn't want to blind the FBI to death. (She is also aware of Javan being around with Silvia)
  • Silvia the cat: Is a talking anphamortic pink cat, that was born from a black cat. After she was born, her mother died from having her (her mother is actullay me-meow, mistaked as a black cat, which had been comfirmed in the episode: Silvia the cat), so now she is being raised by her uncle who she saids is the best uncle in the world, soon after that he died, the one day, met Javan (Agent:Pheonix) in the FBI suit with his glasses off, and she fell in love with him, now, she is a scientist co-oping with the FBI, and they are planning to raise a family.
  • Finn the human: Is a normal human, but with no memories of his original family, as not yet being comfiremed if he is the last human on the land of Ooo, but is still certain to find his parents, and learn about his past. Now, he is a 15 (technically) year oldd teen, with a HUGE taste for advenure, fight evil, and eat candy!
  • Jake the dog is a magical talking dog is Finns adobtive brother from when Finn was raised. He now is his best freind and a lazy (not entirely) adventurer!


  • In the episode: Javan the pheonix, it is comfired that Javans mother is the "Cosmic Owl", so he is not intentionally born in the Regular show universe.
  • Javan the pheonix came before the egg.
  • In the episode: Silvia the cat, it is comfirmed that Silvias mother, is Me-Meow, but was mistakened by a black cat.
  • Adventure time- regular show crossover is actullay called: Dreamland.
  • Dreamland, is fan-made.
  • The creators of Dreamland, is thinking of submitting there comics to: Cartoononnetwork, but might decide not decide to submit it.
  • The vehicals are called: the Dreamriders.


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